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Where to go?

Mongo ran into the front yard this afternoon.  He circled around quickly, eyeing the gas grill.  As he approached the vinyl cover on the grill, Mom said, “No!”  He is always a good boy.  So he trotted over to the chiminea and neatly peed right into the fire box.  I think I would have preferred the vinyl cover. It is easier to hose off.   Oh well, we’ll just have to wait for the next rain to clean out the chiminea.

Puppy! Oh no!

This face says, “Oh no!  Puppy’s in the washer!”



Petpalooza in Auburn!  Whoo Hoo!  Free treats!  What more could a Labrador ask for?


Enjoying Summer in the Backyard

Mongo enjoying a big marrow bone with best buddy, Puppy, in the backyard.

photo 3

10 Mile hike

Dad and Mongo went for a big hike up to Little Ranger Peak.  The book of Best Hikes With Dogs said it was supposed to be a 5 mile out and back.  Dad and Mongo started in a different place from the book.  So it took a little longer, maybe… 10 miles.  Lots of vertical on this hike .  We had much fun romping thru the mud, and we even saw our first WA mule deer.

Little Ranger Overlook

photo 4

Eating Alpine grass

photo 5

Siamese Labrador

photo 2

Bored Doggie

Dad went to hike in the Grand Canyon the last week of April.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Poor Mongo had to stay home.

Bored Doggie

Bored Doggie