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While animal psychologists say that dog’s do not feel guilt the way humans do, Mongo still displays some very complex behavior in this realm.

Last night, Dad came home from work to be greeted by a very submissive Mongo crawling on his belly. Dad knew that something was up. On most nights, Mongo is simply the happiest guy in the world when Dad shows up at the end of the day. But every once in a not so great while, Mongo greets him with his “I been very very bad” behavior.

This behavior starts a bit of a mystery hunt for Dad. Almost always, clues around the house lead Dad to the site of Mongo’s misdeeds. Often a quick survey of the back yard will uncover the remains of cracker boxes or produce bags which clearly indicate what has been snatched from the table.

However, sometimes he eats all the evidence of his transgressions, and the source of his rueful behavior remains a mystery forever. Or at least it remains unknown until the next morning when Dad has to scoop up Mongo’s poop and the evidence of his iniquities is plainly laid out in the park.

This time, Dad did not have to look far for the evidence of Mongo’s naughtiness. In the middle of the living room floor was a box Dad was packing. In it were a pair of Cohiba’s in aluminum tubes that Dad was saving for gift. Both tubes were out of the banker’s box and on the floor, with bite marks in them.

“Did you do this?” Mongo slunk away to his cookie box. The mystery was solved.

Sandy Eggo

Dad had to go on a couple of trips without Mongo recently. Most recently, he traveled to San Diego to do some banking when the local institutions in Seattle were unable to process the necessary transaction. Poor Mongo had to stay in Seattle, but Mom-mom took good care of him at her house.

At the rental car counter, Dad picked out a nice 4 door sedan. As he stopped for lunch on the way to the bank, he noticed that the car was the latest edition of the venerable Dodge Charger. After lunch, Dad dug around in the console and found the jack to hook up his iPhone.


He started cruising down out of the canyon on the way to the bank. When he turned on the iPhone music app, Waylon Jennings was the first artist in the queue.


“Just some good ol’ boys..”

In his mind Dad remarked how nostalgic it was to be cruising in a Dodge Charger listing to an old recording from the Hoss.




Late Christmas Presents

Mongo’s Aunt Michy was running a little late for Christmas this year. He just got his “Slingshot Duck”, which he greatly enjoys. Aunt Michy included a note to explain why we all received gifts so late this year.
“[Sorry the gifts are so late this year.} Next year, it’s gift cards for every body.


I’m still in the process of straightening everything out. So far, my friend’s 15 year old son got a Crayola set, Bill’s mom got a glow-in-the-dark toy football, and his brother’s 2 year old grandson, Konner, received a heavy duty LED flashlight with a magnetic end. I can’t get the last one back. Even though he could barely lift it, Konner had a blast blinding himself and thought it was hysterical that he was mysteriously drawn to large metal objects. His grandmother spent the better part of the day detaching him from the refrigerator.


I’ve unwrapped some of the leftover gifts and did come across a few little things that had been destined for Washington. I’m fairly certain the primary gifts for all of you are on their way. BUT, should someone out there receive a plastic Disney “Frozen” tiara, well… I hope it looks nice on them.



Aunt Michy”


Mongo’s Happy New Year

Mongo is a very happy guy for 2015. He is now Mongo No. 5!

Jump up and down

And wiggle all around.

Put your tail in the air.

Put your nose to the ground.

One foot black and one foot white,

If your covered in mud then you’re doin’ it right.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day Mongo got a  spa day from Kimi.  He loved it and was very relaxed.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning dawned early at Mom-mom’s house. Kimi was up early. The dogs always wake her up. She says it is like a doggie techno-tune in the morning. First Mongo’s tail drives the bass beat as he thumps it against the walls.


Then Spork’s nails chatter on the hardwood floor

Skitter-skitter Skitter-skitter…

That’s followed by Mongo talking to Spork.

Rrrrr.   Rrrr.   Rrrr.

And then the grand finale from Mr. Fuzzy.


All together, they could be the next big thing from Europe.

So, Kimi was up again early. She had been looking forward to sledding, but there was no snow. So she did the next best thing. She let Mongo pull her around the house on a rug. It’s almost like sledding.

Mongo gives Kimi the Seattle Sleighride

Mongo gives Kimi the Seattle Sleighride

And he almost looked like a reindeer.


Mongo the Pink Nosed Reindeer

Mongo the Pink Nosed Reindeer