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Mongo and His Toys

Mongo is a lab.  In fact, he is a 5 year old boy lab.  And he acts like it.  He loves critters, and mud, and getting dirty, and romping in the school yard as much as any other five year old.

All of our previous dogs have been golden retrievers.  They were good family dogs; very reliable, and very family oriented.  However, for the most part they have not had much interest in having fun for the sake of fun.  Mongo is the epitome of fun.  Read More…

Madmen and English Dogs

Mongo likes running around with Dad.  They like to chase soccer balls around the field, but they need a third player to help keep Mongo from hogging the ball, because once he gets his teeth into it, it’s a goner.

So when it’s just the two boys, Dad will take Mongo road running.  Dad likes to take him to Lincoln Park, as evidenced by all the posts centered on that location.  But when that’s not convenient, they will just tool around the neighborhood.

To make sure they stay engaged in their fitness program, they need to have goals.  Dad’s goal is to run in pet-friendly roads races.  Mongo’s goal is to eat more treats (ALWAYS).

This year, Dad found a race that met both their objectives, the Seattle Magazine Brunch Run.  This event combined a 5K at Magnuson Park with an after-event brunch.  The organizers’ motto is “Bloody Marys taste better after 3.1 miles.”  According to the advertising, there would be all kinds of festivities and lots of families at the event.  And where there are families, there are small children.  And where there is small children and food, there are lots of TREATS that fall to the ground.  Racing and food.  What could be better for the team?

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Bellevue; a First Impression

Dad decided it was time to upgrade his brand image. One step along this path was to get a new image for his Linked-in. He decided to go with something more executive than his long time image of sunglasses and safety vest. So he made an appointment with a photography studio in Bellevue, and ditched the safety vest.

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Mongo Polices his Park

Mongo is a good canine citizen.  His walkers always make an effort to pick up his leavings.  And he often helps police the area by picking up things like tasty food wrappers left behind by other visitors.  One thing he is really good at finding is birds, dead or alive.

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