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Cycling around the Sound

Dad decided to join the Cascade Bicycle Club for a tour around the Puget Sound. The trip started at the Fauntleroy Ferry Docks on Saturday morning. Dad met the other riders, and then the ride leaders explained the rules and safety precautions. Dad was decked out in his bright biking clothes and helmet and was ready to go.

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Paddlewheeler on Lake Union

Though she’s been out of scheduled service since 2010, the Queen of Seattle can still be seen cruising around the lake on fair days.  As seen in this recent pictures taken from the 15th St. Bridge, the Queen of Seattle still occasionally traverses Salmon Bay.  The Queen was recently featured in an article in the Seattle times.

Bringing in the Paper – Part Deux

One of Mongo’s best learnings is retrieving the paper. Dad keeps the paper subscription as much for Mongo as for anyone else in the house. Every morning Mongo loves to burst out of the front door and hunt down the morning’s news.

Mongo has always put great thought into how to maximize his food intake. Many times his ability to plan through overeating has led to his detriment (See other posts in this blog). However, lately he has figured out a legal way to increase his cookie quota for bringing in the paper.

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Skyfair 2015 at the Flying Heritage Center

Flying Heritage Center  

A New Talent for Mongo’s Bag of Tricks


Kimi found more food from the pantry in her room.  After all the flour mess Mongo made, Kimi found he had also opened two jars of “Simmer Sauce”.  The question remained, how did he open the jars with no thumbs?


Mongo and Pie

As summer has worn on, Mongo has gotten more and more hungry.  He has taken to nibbling black berries right of the cane, despite  the thorns, and he is continually searching for any low hanging tree fruit or fruit  that has fallen on the ground.  He has his favorite trees and bushes that he drags Dad over to, and then some that he only frequents if happens to pass close by them.

He likes green apples, red apples, pears, red raspberries, white raspberries, thimble berries, black berries, strawberries, blue berries, and peaches.  With all this fruit, it was only a matter of time before he tried to create a vehicle to better enjoy the gifts of the summer.  This week, he apparently decided to make a pie.  However, as one of his predecessors, Hudson the Golden retriever found out, pie making without thumbs is more challenging than it might appear.

Mongo started with flour.  Someone left the pantry door open again; a definite no-no around Mr. M. (See Mongo’s First Howl-o-ween for more info.)  He got a hold of a five lb bag of flour, and carried it into Kimi’s room.  There he opened it and created a huge sticky mess on the carpet, while managing to get most of it down.  Mix all that flour with all that fruit, shake gently and Voila! Pie!  Or in this case, just more dog “sick”…

Bloated Flour Belly

Bloated Flour Belly

And aside from having to clean up the flour paste, and the dog sick, they also had to clean up Mongo who managed to cover himself in flour paste also, right to the tip of his nose!

More white poop for Dad to scoop.