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Heidi in Spain and Portugal on her way home

Heidi and Hudo continue to log miles.  She is currently in Iberia. She will drive around the Iberian Peninsula counter-clockwise, to the Cote d’Azur, Paris, and finally home to Berlin in March of this year. Heidi and Hudo were welcomed very warmly all over the world. There are more than 6.000 photos in Heidi’s instagram feed. If you would like to leave a comment for Heidi, please do it here, or write to her (in english or deutsch please) at her email meet.heidi.along.the.way(a)

Source: Heidi in Spain and Portugal on her way home

Onward to Windhoek

Heidi and Hudo are cranking out miles again. Hudo is still being a bit cantankerous, but Heidi’s knee seems to be in good shape. Read More…

Where in Cape Town is Heidi?

We are not exactly sure where Ms. Hetzer is at the moment.  That’s because she and Hudo were recent victims of a smash and grab, and the GPS was stolen.  How low to smash the window of a 87 year old car.


Smash and Grab on Two Senior Citizens

Hudo continues to have troubles with his drive train, and now so does Heidi.   Read More…

Time for Divine Intervention?

Heidi is still in Cape Town.  Hudo is still in the shop.  Heidi has posted this picture of this church spire in Cape Town.

Maybe it is time to call in a little Divine assistance in our heroes’ trek?  Some semi-divine assistance has arrived for Hudo… Read More…

No News is Good News, or Is It?

There has not been much news from Heidi lately.  She is still in Cape Town, South Africa. (FYI – Mongo’s Dad is visiting Pretoria, South Africa.  Poor Mongo is home with brother Drewbie.)  Hudo is undergoing major automotive surgery.  Well meaning, but ill-advised technicians at his last overhaul installed mismatched pistons, and failed to properly install the connecting rod bushings, and crank shaft bearings. Read More…

A loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and My Kingdom for a Hudson Straight 8!

Heidi is tooling around Capetown South Africa these days.  Apparently she is enjoying some wine tasting and many of the sights.  But there may be more to this story…

Wine tasting.

Wine tasting.

Read More…

Back in the Saddle Again…

Hudo has been safely delivered to Heidi once again after five long weeks

Logging More Miles in Africa

Logging More Miles in Africa

, and they are now logging miles in Africa, their 5th continent.