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Organic Warfare

Dad and Mongo live next to a nice couple who have an aipiary in their back yard.  Dad respects their efforts to raise bees, and aside from occasionally visiting Dad’s kitchen uninvited, the bees don’t cause any problems.

And the bees help pollinate Dad’s tomatoes, so they are generally welcomed visitors.  However, once again unwelcomed visitors, aphids (BOO!) had taken up residence on Dad’s tomato and basil plants.

So to do his part in helping his neighbors safely raise bees, and combat CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), Dad decided to try organic pest control this year. He reasoned that it was better for the environment, and better for Mongo, who is known to eat anything he can fit down his gullet.  Dad was sure that pesticide coated vegetables would go down just as quick as anything else.

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A loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and My Kingdom for a Hudson Straight 8!

Heidi is tooling around Capetown South Africa these days.  Apparently she is enjoying some wine tasting and many of the sights.  But there may be more to this story…

Wine tasting.

Wine tasting.

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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends…

Inspired by inte fan gör det det‘s photo

I’m Alive!

Dad took the following photo of a little plant hanging in there amidst the pavers.  It reminded Dad of another Beatles song…[Click Here]

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.


Walking on Alki, Part 2.

A week after their last trip to Alki Point, Dad had another errand to run on the North End of the peninsula.  Mongo looked bored, so Dad plopped him into the back of the pick-up and off they went.  After dropping off some things at the depot, Dad  thought it might be nice to stroll on the Alki trail again.   Read More…

Back in the Saddle Again…

Hudo has been safely delivered to Heidi once again after five long weeks

Logging More Miles in Africa

Logging More Miles in Africa

, and they are now logging miles in Africa, their 5th continent.

Heidi in Africa: driving more than 2 years, now on 5th continent of her voyage

Originally posted on Heidi around the World:
After travelling around the world for two years, Heidi is now on the next to last leg of her journey. She will release her 1930 Hudson “Hudo” from the container port in Cape Town shortly and beginn her drive around Southern Africa. Heidi posts current photos almost daily on her…

Walking on Alki, Part 1.

Mongo and Dad decided to take a walk down to Alki Point.  It’s a nice stroll along the Alki Trail in West Seattle’s beachfront neighborhood.

They usually park near the Seacrest Ferry Docks and walk North towards the point and then onward towards Alki Beach.

Alki Point is the spot where the first white settlers to Seattle spent the first winter.  Val over, has a short history of that winter.  ( Click here for Val’s History of Street and Place names in Seattle)

When the weather is nice, Alki is an exceptionally scenic place to walk.  Read More…