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One Half Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs

Dad checked the fridge, looking for eggs.  There were 18 in there; way too many to use any time soon.  So Dad decided to hard-boil 6 of them.  He finished boiling them and then left them in the clear plastic container to cool on the counter top.  Then he bolted out of the house for a meeting.

Later that day, Dad informed Mom-mom that there were some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, available for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

“Where?”, she asked.

“Right there in the clear egg carton”, “Dad answered confidently.

“You mean in here?”, replied Mom-mom holding up an empty clear egg six-pack. Read More…

Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park is a public park in Seattle, Washington that opened on January 20, 2007. The park consists of a 9-acre (36,000 m2) outdoor sculpture museum and beach. The park’s lead designer was Weiss/Manfredi Architects, who collaborated with Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture, Magnusson Klemencic Associates and other consultants. It is situated at the northern end of the Seattle seawall and the southern end of Myrtle Edwards Park. The former industrial site was occupied by the oil and gas corporation Unocal until the 1970s and subsequently became a contaminated brownfield before the Seattle Art Museum, which operates the park, proposed to transform the area into one of the only green spaces in Downtown Seattle. [1]

Dad found himself in downtown Seattle on a beautiful Friday afternoon in March. It was just warm enough to relax without a jacket in the sun and just cool enough to need one in the shade. A light breeze was coming off of the Sound.

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Mongo’s Motivation

The following excerpt is from July 2013 Smithsonian Article.  Having had German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and now a Labrador, the entire family can attest to the accuracy of the descriptions contained within.  The family has never seen a dog more motivated by food than Mongo.  And to bolster that description of the breed, the following is provided.

“Among dogs, the best breeds for finding bombs may be German shepherds, Belgian Malinoises (also known as Belgian shepherds) and Labrador retrievers, more for their tireless work ethic than any special olfactory prowess.

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Wounded Warrior Project

Mongo and Dad headed out to Ellensburg on the 4th of March of this year to again work with the Wounded Warrior Project.   Wounded Warrior Project’s vision is: “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.”

Mongo and Dad enjoy their work with the veterans. This is an opportunity for some veterans to engage in a sport they already enjoy, and for others to learn a new skill. The veterans are all fine young Americans. Some are still in the service. Others have left the service.  Some have lingering injuries from their time in the military.  Others needed some assistance with the shotgun, and still others needed help with mobility, but all showed great spirit, drive, and determination to make the day a success.


The Ellensburg Alps

The Ellensburg Alps

As Dad and Mongo exited the highway, the morning sum was crisp and clean. Dad could see the Cascades north of town as he drove up Main street.    Read More…

A Typical Winter Day in Seattle

Unlike the sunny day Mongo and Dad enjoyed in Seattle earlier in the year, Read More…

Sunny Lincoln Park

Dad had completed his Great Backyard Bird Count survey on-line, and was now getting ready for a nice walk through Lincoln Park with Mongo. The sky was a beautiful cobalt blue, and everywhere Dad looked seemed to be a picture perfect view. On the drive over to Mom-mom’s house, he caught a glimpse of the Sound and was so struck by the image, he immediately detoured to take a picture. Read More…

Great Audubon Backyard Bird Count in West Seattle

Most days in February in the Pacific Northwest are pretty dreary, with chilly temperatures and lots of drizzle. However, every once in a while, a weekend day in February in Seattle is simply spectacular with cobalt skies and temperatures up around seventy. Back in 2011, Dad and Drewbie had been sitting out in front of Gelatiamo in downtown Seattle on just such a day. Dad and Drewbie were enjoying their gelatos when Drewbie remarked in his laconic voice, “You’re sweatin’.” Dad looked over at Drewbie, and pointed out the obvious. Read More…