The Inevitable

On April 7, 2021, the vet came to the house for Mongo.  Poor Mongo couldn’t stand up on his own to do his business anymore.  Drew and Dad had been carrying him outside and back inside, but even just handling the business end was too much for him.  Rest in peace little friend.


Last Tour round the Neighbohood

The Sands of Time…

Mr. Mongo has not been doing well lately.  Back in September, he dislocated a hip when a tree limb fell in the back yard and scared him.  He went to physical therapy and definitely improved. 

He was still able to raid the kitchen counter at least once.

And when the family left him home from the big birthday celebration hike for Kimi in October, he wreaked his special brand of havoc.  Drewbie asked Dad if he had made any special arrangements for Mongo while the family was out on the peninsula.  “Nope, we’ll be back just after dinner time”, replied Dad, with a quizzical look. 

“I’ll bet he trashes the kitchen again.”

Drew was right.

However, by December, Mongo started back downhill.  He began to have problems in his hips again, but now he was showing problems on both sides.

Several trips to the vet led to the conclusion that he was showing signs of advanced arthritis in his spine.  As time has progressed the arthritis started moving into his front legs.  He began to have issues getting up to go out in the yard.

Every day became a struggle for him to get up and out.  He even was given a special bed that was raised up off the floor just at his height so that he could slide into and out of it without having to move up and down too much.

His mobility was so restricted, he could no longer go to his physical therapy.  The family has to lift him onto his feet and then steady him into the backyard to do his business. 

He spends most of his time trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.

Never the less, when he is awake, his big black button-eyes maintain that keen sparkle that set him apart from the rest of the pack.

New Arrival

In 2018, we added a new member to the pack.  Little Miss Mollie joined us on January, 7.  She immediately bonded with Mongo, and they became constant companions.  Mollie completed her hunt training, and began working with Mongo out in the field. 

Mollie is much less mischievous than her cohort.  At three years old, she has still yet to filch anything from the counter, nor has she TP’d the house. 

She does love food every bit as much as Mongo, but she has not developed his knack for opening cans or bottles.  On the other hand, she does do a doggie ballet at meal times that would make Snoopy proud.  She leaps and twists, and pirouettes around the kitchen as Dad scoops her kibble, and brings her dish over to her.

P.s. Special thanks to Kurstin for giving me a push to post again.

Dad’s Kale Salad Recipe or… Never Try Two New Recipes the Same Night.

Cooking with Dad and Mongo

One Package arugula & spinach
One bunch o’ Lacinato kale (Also called “black” or”dino” kale)
Two lemons
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
One Package of pine nuts

Place kale on counter.
Pour 3 oz of gin, 1 oz vodka, 1/2 oz of Kina Lillet into shaker.
Shake over ice until ice cold, pour into glass.
Add a twist of lemon.
Drink the newly made Vesper Martini.
Wait for Mongo to steal kale from counter and debone it.  (He loves kale bones, but hates the leaves.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.)
Wake up.
Scoop shredded leaves up off floor.  (Sweep floor first if less crunchy kale is desired.)
Juice the lemons.  Add a bit of salt and pepper.
Add twice as much oil as lemon juice.
Add two tblsp honey.
Add 1/2 cup of Kraft Parmesan
Take two aspirins for martini hangover.
Shake again, but with more vigor now that head hurts less.
When mixture is in focus, and homogeneous, dressing is ready.
Mix kale shreds with arugula & spinach
Sprinkle with pine nuts
Add dressing to taste.
Serves 8

Mongo and Puppy

While Dad has been gone, mom-mom has been taking care of Mongo; and this means taking care of Puppy also.  Taking care of a dog who has favorite toys like Puppy adds an additional challenge.

Like most other toddlers, Mongo is very fond of his favorite toys, like Puppy and Bunny.  And like a toddler, he drops them wherever he is if something more interesting catches his attention.  So, it falls to whomever is accompanying Mongo to scoop Puppy up (and occasionally throw him in the washer) before he gets lost. Read More…

Can Do Attitude

Mr. Mongo is known for his amazing abilities to open things.  He has opened molasses jars, tomato sauce jars, a metal sesame oil can, among other things.  When it comes to food, no thumbs is no obstacle.

But when Dad went to South Africa again, Mongo had an anxiety attack.  And when Mongo is anxious, Mongo eats.  The problem was that Mom-mom didn’t leave any food just lying around.  Dad can usually be counted on the leave something lying on the counter, whether it is a box of cookies, or just an avocado.  (Mongo LOVES avocados.)  Mom-mom is just too neat.

Working out how to steal a tomato or avocado off the counter usually occupies Mongo enough to take his mind off his separation anxiety when Dad has to go on the road.  With no easily accessible food at Mom-mom’s house, he had to work at getting something to nosh on.  Of course the more work, the more he eats.  And the more he eats, the less he worries.

And this time he had eight times less worry.  Mom-mom did not think he would open the special cans of tasty dog food she keeps in the kitchen for her little dog, Spork, but he did. Read More…