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Heidi in the Land of the Sun

Heidi has made it to the Pacific coast of South America.  She has already visited Ecuador, and is now half-way through Peru. Read More…

Merry Christmas 2015 From Mongo the Red-nosed Labrador

Merry Christmas from Mongo the Red-nosed Labrador and his Elf on the Shelf!!!  ( aka Drewbie)


Where is the Panic Button?

Dad was in a pickle. He had no choice but to head back out into the storm. There was no doubt that he had messed up this time. Now he and Mongo would pay the price; which was strange because it had all started so innocuously.

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Heidi and Hudo Sail the Panama Canal

Heidi and Hudo have sailed the Panama Canal and have now crossed Central America. Pictures on Instagram show the journey.  The following picture shows  the canal as it lives up to its nickname, “The Big Ditch”

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Comet Falls – Mount Rainier National Park

If there is one waterfall that every visitor to Mount Rainier National Park should see, Comet Falls is it. Van Trump Creek hurtles from the lip of a lofty hanging valley, plunging in four steps flanked by lofty amphitheater cliffs of Andesite. The falls are usually cited as standing 320-feet tall, but have been measured by the Northwest Waterfall Survey as 462 feet tall if the lower pools are included.¹

The trail to Comet Falls follows a tumbling, churning, whitewater creek upstream as it thunders through a narrow gorge of glacier-polished rock on its way to a waterfall that drops 462 feet in three tiers.   There are numerous small waterfalls and cascades and two significant ones to admire, all in less than two miles.

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Doggone Cold

Mongo has a cold.  He has been sneezing, and coughing.  On top of it, he had laryngitis.

Mongo loves to talk.  When Dad or Drewbie wakes up, or if Mom-mom or Kimi comes over, Mongo talks up a storm.  He sounds like a real-life wookie as he hoots and warbles to tell everyone about his day.  This morning when Dad got up, all Mongo could do was make little squeaking noises. The look on Mongo’s face said he was very concerned.

By the time they got home from their morning walk, Mongo could talk again.  He ate well, (he is a labrador), but right after breakfast, he conked out on his bed again.  Normally, he checks on Dad throughout the day.  Today he just slept.

On any given day, Mongo pesters Dad unmercifully, the closer it gets to evening walk.   He paws Dad’s leg while Dad is working at the table.  He jiggles Dad’s elbow as he tries to type.  Or he just gives Dad’s forearm a big slurp; all to try to get Dad to take him out early for evening walk.

But today, Dad had to wake Mongo up for evening walk.  After dinner, Mongo immediately went back to sleep.  With the winter storms rolling through Seattle, Dad turned on the gas fireplace.

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