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Mr. Post Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo’s House

Here’s the menu for Thanksgiving dinner in Mongo’s house this year.  Most of it is not “Mongo Friendly” for one or more reasons, so he did not get to partake in most of it, except for some turkey.  (and a little bacon, and maybe just a bit of cheese, and perhaps just a smidgen of pie crust, and of course just a dab of whipped cream.)

Crackers & soft cheese/ proscuitto & rosemary grissini/ nuts
served with prosecco

Bacon-wrapped/cheese-stuffed dates
served with prosecco

Wild mushroom mini-tarts (Fall is chanterelle season in Washington)
served with sauvignon blanc

Wild mushroom & barley soup (more chanterelles)
served with sauvignon blanc

Turkey and the fixins
served with chardonnay

Mixed greens

Dolce et Cafe
Pumpkin pie or tiramisu

Mongo did get a plate of whipped cream for dessert.  He loves to hear the sound of the can.  It brings him running faster than any dog whistle.








Hurricane Heidi Enters Florida

Following a major overhaul in for Hudo in North Carolina, Heidi and Hudo are continuing their journey around the world.  They are now in Northern Florida.  On the east Coast, Heidi has visited Daytona and the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral (Home of the Real Dr. Phil – Click HERE to read about Dr. Phil Scarpa’s exciting work at KSC).  On the West Coast Heidi has landed in  Naples, and Clearwater.  Hudo seems to be purring like a kitten again, as does Heidi.

And some additional good news; Heidi’s new Spot tracker has arrived in the mail, so the staff at will be able to see Heidi’s locations from the Spot Map, instead of trying to translate German Instagram.

Source: Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson




Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Mongo!


Backpacker Magazine Award

Mongo is pleased to have Labrador Retrievers listed on the 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds.

Of course, they show a chocolate lab instead of a white one, because you can’t see dirt on them as easily as on a white one!

Mongo dresses up as a Huskie

Mongo dresses up as a Weimaraner

Pomme de Terre

Mongo loves apples.  Mongo hunts for fallen apples from the Fourth of July through the first days of winter.  But not only does he like red and yellow apples, which the French call pommes.  He is also very fond of what the French call the “pomme de terre”, i.e. the potato.

Today, Dad came home to find Mongo looking rather guilty.

“Ok buddy, what badness did you do today?”  Dad looked around the kitchen and something on the other side of the table caught his eye.

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Once Again – Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson!

Hopefully, Heidi and Hudo have Willy Nelson on the wireless because the two of them are finally back on the road again. The root cause of Hudo’s troubles turned out to be a broken oil line in the oil pan.  He has beautiful new pistons, a “new” cyclinder head, rebuilt crank, his brakes have been repaired, and the two of them are now visiting Savannah, GA. Regrettably their GPS marker has disappeared from Hudo’s cab, so we cannot see the minute by minute updates of their trip, unless Heidi finds a replacement.

Gallery of Repairs

Gallery of Savannah


Source: Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson