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Hudo Decides to Linger a while in Wilmington NC

Heidi had been enjoying her trip down the East Coast of the US.  As one might expect from an octagenarian on an around-the-world-voyage, Hudo has had some issues. In Wilmington NC, Hudo has experienced technical difficulties.  We have found a re-enactment of the event on youtube. (Click HERE to see the 9 second clip.)  Though the preliminary diagnosis was a thrown rod, upon disassembly it appears that Hudo re-ingested a piston ring.  According to the instagram posts, parts are on the way from California.  (Note: Some inaccuracies in the above summary may be due to my poor skills at translating German.)  We wish Heidi and Hudo a speedy recovery from this delay, and all the best on the rest of their journey.



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Classic – Mongo’s First Howl-o-ween

Mongo’s Howl-o-ween

Tricia had already laid in a fair supply of candy for the Trick or Treaters. What we didn’t realize was that our neighborhood is one of the ones where people drive for miles to let their kids go out for Halloween. The houses are in a suburban spacing, so the candy density is high. There is no outlet, so traffic is minimal. And many of the homeowners warmly welcome the little undercover urchins by offering full-sized bags of M&M’s or Snickers bars.

In fact in talking to our neighbor, his first question on Saturday was, “How much candy do you have?”

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Heidi’s March through the South Continues

Heidi has been enjoying her trip down the East Coast of the US.  As of October 27, 2015, she is in Raleigh, NC.  She has visited numerous car shows and even a dog show.  Here is a picture of Heidi and her canine soul-sister.


And at a recent car show, Hudo found his evil alter-ego.  Click on Hudo’s picture to  see the “Anti-Hudo”.

Heidi's Hudo

Heidi’s Hudo

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Going for a Walk with Some Ducks

As Dad turned the corner out of the school yard, with his two charges in tow, he heard a duck quacking.  Puzzled by this unusual sound, he began to scan the road around him, and then he saw it.

Almost directly across from him was a momma duck and a duckling.  They were walking along the shoulder of the road, with Momma busily quacking.  Where they had come from  was not obvious to Dad, but wherever they were going, Momma seemed very determined to get there.

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Hudo in Washington DC

Heidi and Hudo are in the capitol city of the USA, Washington D.C.  In 1930, the year Hudo was built, Herbert Hoover was president, and the world was in the midst of the Great Depression.



We have a winner!

Drewbie came up the stairs shaking his head.

“Someone ate my mummified fruit bat!”, he exclaimed. Drewbie was holding out a rectangular empty tin box.

Dad stared at him for a moment, a look of incomprehension on his face.

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