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Twice the News!

Mongo is a very clever boy.  Just look at the number of ways he finds to counter-surf, or the number of non-foodstuffs he consumes in an effort to “eat more”.  Eating is an obsession with Mongo.  Kimi says his family motto should be “Omnia Nomnia  Bene Est”, or “It’s all good!”.

But Mongo does not limit himself to raiding the counters and eating non-foodstuffs which might smell slightly food-like.  He also uses a certain logic to acquire more treats.

He knows Dad loves the morning paper.  In fact, Dad is so enamoured of these newspapers that Dad trades Mongo a dog biscuit every time Mongo brings Dad one.  It really makes Mongo question Dad’s value system. (Click HERE to see video of Mongo fetching paper.)

Some times Dad is distracted and forgets to put away the paper, and Mongo can re-deliver the same paper twice.  Dad always falls for this trick and gives Mongo another biscuit for the same paper!  Clearly in Mongo’s mind, Dad is not the brightest bulb in the shed.

Today, after morning walk, breakfast, paper-fetching, and morning apple, Dad went into the bedroom for a couple of minutes to put on work clothes.  As Dad was putting on a nice shirt, he never dreamed that he would re-emerge right into the middle of a Mongo Mystery.

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Heidi is Looking for More Adventure. Next stop Lima, Peru?

Heidi has just finished a trip up to the very tony town of Palm Beach, Florida.  Palm Beach has some of the most expensive shopping available in the U.S., and some of the most expensive real estate.  One property on South Ocean Blvd has an asking price of $74M and boasts a master bedroom of over 4000 sq. ft.   Even Heidi is not immune to the hype surrounding Palm Beach.

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University of Washington Dawg Dash – 2015

Today was the big Dog Race of the Season in Western Washington – The U of W Dawg Dash. Mongo and Dad were ready.  It was rainy this year, so that narrowed the field.  Mongo was taking the races more seriously this year.  He did his business before the start of the race, and only stopped for a small drink at the halfway point.  Mom-mom kept Spork occupied for the duration of the race, since a two-dog race did not work out well last year. (Click HERE for details of 2014 Dawg Dash.)

At the finish Mongo enjoyed an apple, and several bananas.


Hurricane Heidi Hits Miami!

Heidi and Hudo  have made it to Miami.  As near as I can translate, she will spend about a month in the city known as the Gateway to the America’s before moving on to Central and South America.

Hudo is still having his senior moments as shown in the photo.   Read More…