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On the Road Again…

Hudo is back on the road again, finally having his engine running smoothly.  Heidi is doing well also.

Hudo's First Day Back on the Job

Hudo’s First Day Back on the Job

They headed up to the waterfalls at Santa del Loja, but as Heide writes, it was “flippin’ cold” up there.

Santa del Loja

So cold the Hudo would not turn over in the morning, but then who really enjoys getting up at -4 degrees C and running around?  But every cloud has a silver lining, yes? Read More…

Back into Automotive Surgery

Despite an extensive work package during the last month, Hudo is back in automotive surgery again.  As Heidi’s Instagram tells it… Read More…

Onwards through Chile

Hudo has finally been reassembled, and is ready for a shake-down. Heidi writes that Hudo performed well on his first outing. She is happy to finally have brakes again. The rattling noise in the engine that persisted since Charlotte, USA is gone. All this is thanks Read More…

Santiago, Chile

Heidi is still sight seeing in Chile, while Hudo gets over his engine flu.


Hudo Having Heavy Work Done Down South

Still in Valparaiso Chile, Heidi has been getting her hands dirty again, as Hudo’s engine is undergoing a heavy overhaul.


Altitude Sickness in the Andes

After the cancer scare and successful surgery in Germany , Heidi is back on the road with Hudo and her new companion Lili, a wonderful photographer and useful Spanish interpreter.

Heidi has a new iPad to replace the one stolen in Argentina for photos to her Instagram account.  She is currently in Valparaiso, Chile.

And while Hudo managed to make it through the thin air of the Andes, it appears the Heidi has suffered a bit of altitude sickness.

It also appears Heidi might be feeling ready to move on soon.  Using my best translating skills for the caption of a recent photo of Valparaiso harbor, I believe she wrote, ”

  • I wonder what Clärenore and Axel thought as they had everything packed to leave.  I think they were damn glad to leave South America behind.

Of course, I could be wrong…


Source: Altitude Sickness in the Andes