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If Heidi is in Germany; Where Is Hudo?

While Heidi’s fan base awaits news of her repairs back in Germany, the question has been raised as to the conditions of Hudo’s accommodations.  While the first reports on Heidi’s trip back to Germany only mentioned that Hudo was being put into storage, further reports indicated that Hudo is enjoying luxury accommodations amidst other notable automobiles at the Museo de Autos Antiguos Colección Nicolini.

The Obelisco Classic Car Club  has some great pictures of the other cars in the museum.  Here are just a few…

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Why is Heidi still in Lima?

It appears that Hudo is not the only member of the team who needs a little restoration work.  Apparently, Heidi is heading back to Germany for a tune up.

Hudo will go into temporary storage in Peru.  Perhaps he’ll find Butch and Sundance who are also allegedly in storage in Peru.

We wish Heidi godspeed, and hope to read more about her travels through South America soon.

Source: Why is Heidi still in Lima?

The New Year begins in Lima, Peru

Click the link below to see Heidi’s first post of  2016.

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Heidi in the Land of the Sun

Heidi has made it to the Pacific coast of South America.  She has already visited Ecuador, and is now half-way through Peru. Read More…

Heidi and Hudo Sail the Panama Canal

Heidi and Hudo have sailed the Panama Canal and have now crossed Central America. Pictures on Instagram show the journey.  The following picture shows  the canal as it lives up to its nickname, “The Big Ditch”

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Heidi is Looking for More Adventure. Next stop Lima, Peru?

Heidi has just finished a trip up to the very tony town of Palm Beach, Florida.  Palm Beach has some of the most expensive shopping available in the U.S., and some of the most expensive real estate.  One property on South Ocean Blvd has an asking price of $74M and boasts a master bedroom of over 4000 sq. ft.   Even Heidi is not immune to the hype surrounding Palm Beach.

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