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Comet Falls – Mount Rainier National Park

If there is one waterfall that every visitor to Mount Rainier National Park should see, Comet Falls is it. Van Trump Creek hurtles from the lip of a lofty hanging valley, plunging in four steps flanked by lofty amphitheater cliffs of Andesite. The falls are usually cited as standing 320-feet tall, but have been measured by the Northwest Waterfall Survey as 462 feet tall if the lower pools are included.¹

The trail to Comet Falls follows a tumbling, churning, whitewater creek upstream as it thunders through a narrow gorge of glacier-polished rock on its way to a waterfall that drops 462 feet in three tiers.   There are numerous small waterfalls and cascades and two significant ones to admire, all in less than two miles.

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