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Merry Christmas 2015 From Mongo the Red-nosed Labrador

Merry Christmas from Mongo the Red-nosed Labrador and his Elf on the Shelf!!!  ( aka Drewbie)


Mongo’s Christmas Spirit

Mongo loved snow. Dad had not taken him to the snow lately. In fact Dad had not been around much lately. Dad had left Mongo at Mom-Mom’s for a week now. Mongo knew that Dad was very busy with something. He had been re-arranging the entire house. Nothing was sacred in Dad’s frenzy to put everything in the house into cardboard boxes. Mongo found it all very stressful to have the entire house disappearing into cardboard boxes. On the positive side, Mongo liked cardboard boxes and he ate parts of five different boxes Dad had brought home to put the household into. When Dad saw the boxes with corners eaten out of each one, his face sank.

“Buddy? Did you have eat part of each one? Couldn’t you just eat all of just one?” Dad slid out of the door dejectedly and came back with another bundle of new boxes. And that’s when he had bundled Mongo up and driven him to Mom-Mom’s house.

Still, Mongo knew that Dad would not leave him there forever. In fact, he was sure Dad would be back by Christmas. And when Dad came back to get him for Christmas, Mongo would be showing his best Christmas Spirit.