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Just Waiting on a Friend.

This is the Green Point Lighthouse, where Heidi went to look out from Johannesburg to watch Hudo’s container ship pull into port.

When Life Hands You Sand, Then Go Off-roading!

Heidi landed in Dubai, and was amazed at all the sky scrapers.

Dubai at night (41 deg C)

Dubai at night (41 deg C)

In only 13 years, Dubai has transformed skyline from flat to ultra-urban.

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Packing up for Africa

Hudo and Heidi have packed up from Sout America to head to Africa.  The ordinal route of Clärenore and Axel

would have been from South America to South Africa, but as Heidi explained in her Instagram, modern airline fares made it  cheaper to fly a different route.   Read More…

WWHDBA? (What Would Heidi Do in Buenos Aires?)

When one considers that Heidi is on her way around the world driving a 1930 Hudson straight-8 Saloon, her desintation of choice makes perfect sense… Read More…

Hello Argentina!!!

Heidi and Hudo have finally  made it to Argentina.  She has already been to Patagonia and is now driving back to B.A.

On the Road Again…

Hudo is back on the road again, finally having his engine running smoothly.  Heidi is doing well also.

Hudo's First Day Back on the Job

Hudo’s First Day Back on the Job

They headed up to the waterfalls at Santa del Loja, but as Heide writes, it was “flippin’ cold” up there.

Santa del Loja

So cold the Hudo would not turn over in the morning, but then who really enjoys getting up at -4 degrees C and running around?  But every cloud has a silver lining, yes? Read More…

Heidi on Easter Island

With Hudo back in the shop, Heidi has a lot of time on her hands, so she is visiting Easter Island.  These photographs may put Easter Island on quite a few people’s bucket lists. Read More…