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New Arrival

In 2018, we added a new member to the pack.  Little Miss Mollie joined us on January, 7.  She immediately bonded with Mongo, and they became constant companions.  Mollie completed her hunt training, and began working with Mongo out in the field. 

Mollie is much less mischievous than her cohort.  At three years old, she has still yet to filch anything from the counter, nor has she TP’d the house. 

She does love food every bit as much as Mongo, but she has not developed his knack for opening cans or bottles.  On the other hand, she does do a doggie ballet at meal times that would make Snoopy proud.  She leaps and twists, and pirouettes around the kitchen as Dad scoops her kibble, and brings her dish over to her.

P.s. Special thanks to Kurstin for giving me a push to post again.