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The Ride Continues

This was not going to be an easy task.  Bicycle fitting is a tricky business in the first place.  It’s more art than science.  And Kimi is very particular about how things fit, so she was not about to compromise on this purchase.  And Kimi is not tall, so she is usually looking at the smallest sized adult frames, which not many bicycle shops have in stock.  Mom-mom, Dad, and Kimi all set out together to buy a new bike for Kimi.  Her old bike from her middle school days had seen better times, but it had carried her all through her years at University of Oregon.  U of O’s home town, Eugene Oregon, is one of the top bike theft capitals in the world.  So she had never opted to upgrade her ride during her college years.  That way if they stole her bike, they wouldn’t get much.  Now that she was a freshly minted graduate with a paying job, Kimi was ready to move up in the cycling world.  She had a pretty good idea what she wanted, dropped bars and disc brakes, but she wasn’t sure what kind of frame or gear set she wanted.  She would just have to try a few until she found a set-up that she liked.

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