Hiking in National Forest

April 5, 2014
Mongo and Dad went on a training
hike on Saturday. Dad is training
for a weeklong backpacking
expedition and needed to make sure that he
can still lug several dozen pounds of gear on
his poor old tired back.
It was a bit rainy, so Dad took his Gore-Tex
raingear along. Dad also brought Pippin’s
old pack along for Mongo. Mongo hates
that backpack. Even if it did once belong to
the world’s most vicious golden retriever and
huntress of squirrels, it still has flowers on it,
so it is not macho enough for him.
Dad loaded his own pack with 30 lbs. of
dead weight, and some water. Mongo went
with just the pack. .
It was not the most scenic day to hike the
Snoquarie Loop. It was cloudy on the
mountain, and a little rainy. At this time of
year, the trail is not much of a loop either.
Still, no matter the weather, the falls
themselves are always spectacular.
And the trail provides a good vertical
excursion to practice hiking uphill and
downhill, and good aerobic exercise as well.

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