Bath! – July 20, 2014

Mongo finally had his stitches out, and the drama from eating the rock was behind him.  Now, Kimi was determined to clean him up.  He had gotten pretty grimy what with his time in the vet, and not being able to be washed because of his stitches.

Mongo waked with Kimi to the shower like a condemned doggie to the gallows.  He dragged his feet, and his head hung down to his knees as he entered the bathroom.  But Kimi was not to be denied.

When she emerged half an hour later with her fuzzy buddy in tow, she turned to Dad and said, “He made the water run grey when I first hosed him off.  Then I had to shampoo his head twice just to get it to look even vaguely white again.  He was filthy.”

Mongo gazed up at Kimi with a look that said, “You make that sound like a BAD thing!”

In this case, the distinction between being filthy, or being artfully powdered with dirt, is clearly in the eyes of the beholder.

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