More Scuttlebutt from the Poop Deck

Dad and Mongo started off on their morning walk as they do just about every day.  As soon as their feet left the sidewalk, Mongo hunched up to do his duty.  Dad bent over with his poop-bag to scoop it up.  It didn’t quite look right.  The poop was very light in color.  And when Dad scooped it up, it was unusually firm, and somewhat incompressible.  Dad tossed it in the trash can.

Dad and Mongo walked on a little further.  The sun finally crested the horizon , an the park was suddenly filled with the dewy light of early morning.  Mongo hunched up again.  Now Dad could see the product clearly.

“Aha!  Toilet paper.  What an amazing thing you’ve invented buddy-boy.  You now have self-wiping poop.  I guess you didn’t just fling the TP all over the house yesterday, did you?”

Clearly Mongo is a proponent of continuous improvement.

Click HERE  for Mongo’s previous interaction with TP


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