Back to the Vet

Mongo had eaten something that was indigestible again.  After the Sounders win to clinch the Supporters Shield, Dad cam home to walk and feed Mr. M.  Dad noticed that Mr. M was not particularly ebullient in his greeting.  Then Mongo walked to the park in a lackluster fashion, and then he further moseyed about without doing his business.

When they got home, Dad put noms in Mongo’s bowl, but he would not eat.  Not pooping was a warning sign.  Not eating was a danger sign.   Dad took the fuzzy buddy to the emergency vet, yet again.  They were very happy to see him, and they remembered him from his last visit on the Fourth of July when he ate the rock.

While Kimi and Mom-mom were out at the theatre, Dad waited at Mom-mom’s house for news from the vet.  The barium x-rays showed something lodged in Mongo’s digestive track.  They would watch him overnight to see if it moved at all.  Dad went back to his house to await the news.

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One response to “Back to the Vet”

  1. Dolly says :

    This does sound very much like our boy!

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