What is the Blue Food?

Wide Angle Blue

Wide Angle Blue

It was blue. Even with his limited color-vision Dad could see that it was blue. What in the world could Mongo have eaten that would turn his poop blue Dad wondered. Perhaps Mongo was just experiencing an acute case of post-holiday let down, which could make one feel very blue… “But,” dad continued in his head, “was it possible for post-holiday blues go far enough to turn poop blue?”

Blue Close-up

Blue Close-up

Dad finished scooping up the backyard, and headed back into the house.  Suddenly, a flash of blue caught his eye.  It was a piece of blue chopped rag insulation from a soft cooler.

“Aww!” Dad said to Kimi.  “I was going to use that to carry our salmon back from Alaska.”  Dad looked crushed.  “And now he’s eaten our cooler!”

In essence, Mongo has been eating for sport again, and this time the result was blue.

Blue Insulation

Blue Insulation

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