Another trip without the fuzzy buddy was Detroit. Dad went on a trip to see the Red Wings hockey team play, and Mongo would not have enjoyed it much. Especially since there is not much greenery in downtown Detroit at this time of year, and Mongo loves the green of Seattle.

But the lack of greenery did not mean there was a lack of bright colors. Dad and the hockey crew were standing outside at the Greektown Hotel and Casino and the crew were debating whether to take a cab or the Detroit People Mover (DPM). There was an animated discussion in process regarding the wait time for a cab vs. the fact that the team did not know where to pick up the DPM in Greektown.

Just then, a garishly spray painted school bus turned the corner towards them. On the side it said “Ouzo Cruizo”.


Dad piped up, “Let’s take the bus!”, and hopped on.   The crew stared at the surreal sight for a moment,  and then piled on after assuring themselves that this was a free bus, and that yes it was going to the Joe Louis Arena.  Dad never doubted.  After all, considering all the infinite improbabilities in the world, and the fact that Dad himself is remarkably improbable, why wouldn’t a free garishly painted school bus appear to take him to the hockey arena precisely when he needed it?


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