Mongo Polices his Park

Mongo is a good canine citizen.  His walkers always make an effort to pick up his leavings.  And he often helps police the area by picking up things like tasty food wrappers left behind by other visitors.  One thing he is really good at finding is birds, dead or alive.

Recently, he found another crow in the park.   This time, it was deceased.  But that did not deter him from bringing it home.  It was interred with the parrot he found last winter in a suitable spot.

Mongo Finds Another Crow

Mongo Finds Another Crow


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2 responses to “Mongo Polices his Park”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Errr. Thanks Mongo?
    At least the crow got a decent burial.

    • hdemare says :

      He was so proud of himself. He also found a frozen parrot in the park a year ago. We had to offer some really tasty treats to get him to willing give up those two fantastic finds.

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