Cycling around the Sound

Dad decided to join the Cascade Bicycle Club for a tour around the Puget Sound. The trip started at the Fauntleroy Ferry Docks on Saturday morning. Dad met the other riders, and then the ride leaders explained the rules and safety precautions. Dad was decked out in his bright biking clothes and helmet and was ready to go.

Southworth - Ready to go.

Southworth – Ready to go.

The ferry traveled first to Southworth docks. There the group gathered up for the beginning of the ride. The troupe started north towards Port Orchard. There were scenic vistas all along the way. The pace was a little slow for Dad, particularly when compared to his normal manic pedaling, however, he recalled a comment from Kimi.

“Dad, you don’t have to go everywhere at top speed all the time!”

Here was his chance to slow down a bit. The group was composed of beginners and seasoned riders. That mix of skill levels left the group very content to travel at about 12 mph.

View fo the Puget Sound

View of the Puget Sound

When the ride came into Port Orchard there were signs all over the streets showing DETOUR. The main street into town was closed off by the police. Dad’s first thought was that there had been a terrible accident in town. However, it turned out to be a Summer Festival and Car Show.

There were classic cars all over town. The main street was lined with booths selling arts, crafts, and trinkets. When the cyclists arrived, the celebration was in full swing. Crowds thronged the parking areas and streets around the downtown.

As Dad wheeled his bike between the cars, one woman smiled broadly and piped up, “I see you brought your classic bike to the classic car show.”

“Yep”, answered Dad. “1974 LeTour; one owner, unrestored”, he replied in car-speak, with a big smile.

Dad always gravitates to the less well know, or extinct marques at the car shows.  After all, one can see Camaros and Corvettes anywhere, but where can you see a Studebaker President, or a Plymouth Superbird.

Cobra Kit Car

Cobra Kit Car

Dad walked through the cars for almost the entire allotted hour of free time before he remembered that the hour was supposed to include lunch. He hustled over to the food court, and decided on an ice cream cone. Oh well, no one ever said Dad was an expert on good nutrition.  (Click HERE to see more pictures from the car show.)

Classic Gansta' Combo

. Classic Gangsta’ Combo

From Port Orchard, the group took the passenger ferry to Bremerton.

Passenger Ferry

Passenger Ferry

In Bremerton, one particularly persistent gull tried to join the group, but there are helmet rules in place for all Cascade rides, and the gull did not make the grade

Local Gull Tries to Join Group

Local Gull Tries to Join Group

At Bremerton, they changed ferries for the ride to the Seattle Ferry Docks.  Approaching the docks through the Sound, the views of the Seattle Skyline were stunning.

Ferrying into Seattle

Ferrying into Seattle

Once they had disembarked from the ferry, the team gathered up and headed down the Elliot Bay Trail to the Alki Trail.

Alki Trail

Alki Trail

The ride finished up through Lincoln Park to reach the ferry docks again. It was only about 25 miles of cycling, but with the ferry rides, it took the better part of the day. And a glorious day it was.

Bike Tour Around the Sound

Bike Tour Around the Sound

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