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Enjoying Summer

Here is a picture of Mongo enjoying a stick, the sun, and the scents of summer afternoon in Seattle.  It is the simple things in life that make his day.

Seafair Air Show 2015

The Blue Angels were great as always at this year’s Seafair Boeing Airshow.

Summer Fair in West Seattle

One of the traditions in the Seattle area is Seafair.  Seafair is not one event, but an entire series of events and festivals in various neighborhoods that stretch over a month in the summer, culminating in the hydroplane races on Lake Washington and the Boeing Airshow.  And while the big events like the Torchlight Parade are held in downtown, most communities host their own celebrations on one of the weekends of July.  Tour de Terrace in Mountlake Terrace was the weekend of July 25th, and White Center Jubilee Days was the weekend of July 18.

West Seattle held its Summer Fair on the weekend of July 18th this year as well.  It featured a parade, a street fair on California Avenue, a middle eastern bazaar at the community center, and foot race down California called the Float Dodger 5K.

Honestly, what middle-aged foot-racing fan of Animal House could resist signing up for that race; certainly not Dad.  When Kimi heard Dad was running in the float dodger, Kimi turned to Mom-mom and whispered conspiratorially, “Watch that he doesn’t make a move for the marching band baton when they come through.  The parade scene in Animal house is one of his favorite parts.”  She winked and smiled at Dad.  Of course Dad did consider dressing as a Belushi Pirate for the race, as costumes are encouraged, but he wasn’t sure how the plastic sword would affect his time. Read More…

The Ride Continues

This was not going to be an easy task.  Bicycle fitting is a tricky business in the first place.  It’s more art than science.  And Kimi is very particular about how things fit, so she was not about to compromise on this purchase.  And Kimi is not tall, so she is usually looking at the smallest sized adult frames, which not many bicycle shops have in stock.  Mom-mom, Dad, and Kimi all set out together to buy a new bike for Kimi.  Her old bike from her middle school days had seen better times, but it had carried her all through her years at University of Oregon.  U of O’s home town, Eugene Oregon, is one of the top bike theft capitals in the world.  So she had never opted to upgrade her ride during her college years.  That way if they stole her bike, they wouldn’t get much.  Now that she was a freshly minted graduate with a paying job, Kimi was ready to move up in the cycling world.  She had a pretty good idea what she wanted, dropped bars and disc brakes, but she wasn’t sure what kind of frame or gear set she wanted.  She would just have to try a few until she found a set-up that she liked.

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The Market Ride

Kimi wanted to practice with a dry run first.  She thought riding her bike to work would be a fun way to get some exercise.  Wisely, she did not want to pioneer the route on a weekday, when she would have to face gobs of traffic and risk being late to work.  She approached Dad about taking a ride to downtown on a Sunday.

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