Mongo Tries to Make Popcorn Again

Dad came home to find a very guilty looking Mongo.

“Hi Buddy.  What badness did you do today?” asked Dad cheerfully.  Mongo was holding Puppy in his mouth, so the response was garbled.  However, Mongo was acting very guilty, so Dad just followed him as he slunk out of the kitchen and into the living room.

There in the living room, right in the middle of the persian rug, was a pile of open bottles and shakers.  These things had all been in a cabinet.  Dad wondered if Mr. M had figured out how to open cabinet doors.  If so, Dad had a lot of childproof locks to install.  Or Drewbie could have left the cabinet open.  That might be a more plausible explanation.  Dad would have to ask him when Drewbie woke up.

At that moment, Mongo sidled up to a cardboard box on the floor in the kitchen.  Mom-mom had been cleaning out a cabinet and had put several expired items from the cabinet into a box for disposal.  Mongo had gone shopping in the box.

Mongo had picked out Orville Redenbacker’s Cheese Flavor Salt, Orville Redenbacker’s Popcorn Popping Oil, and red wine vinegar, and managed to open all three of them on the rug.  Spork padded over and started to lick the rug.  Mongo headed to the water bowl, ostensibly to was down some of the cheezy salt.

“I guess I can’t leave that rug on the floor now can I?  Mongo, Spork thinks you have mixed up a very tasty concoction on the rug.  I’m sure one of you would manage to eat a hole clean through it”, and as he finished speaking he started rolling up the rug.  When he was done, he stood the rug up in a corner and sat down at the computer to look up rug cleaners.

This was not the first time Mongo has flirted with making popcorn.  He has eaten entire microwave popcorn packages.  (Click HERE to read about Mongo’s First Howloween, and his first tango with popcorn.)

The rug cleaners were a little taken aback by the odor emanating from the rug.  It had a unique salad dressing kind of ambiance.  However, the kind clerk dutifully took the rug and gingerly carried it into the back of the shop, trying not to get any of the parfumerie on herself.

Dad left his phone number and expressed his gratitude.  As he drove home, he started to wonder if there had been any bags of popcorn ingested by the duo, and whether or not there would be any popcorn-logs of dog poop waiting for him when he got home.

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