Going for a Walk with Some Ducks

As Dad turned the corner out of the school yard, with his two charges in tow, he heard a duck quacking.  Puzzled by this unusual sound, he began to scan the road around him, and then he saw it.

Almost directly across from him was a momma duck and a duckling.  They were walking along the shoulder of the road, with Momma busily quacking.  Where they had come from  was not obvious to Dad, but wherever they were going, Momma seemed very determined to get there.

Dad broke out his cell phone to make a record of their journey.  Mongo looked over at the ducks, but they were not in the proper context, so he turned away to find other more interesting things to eat curbside.

Just then Spork noticed the ducks.  Snarling ferociously, she lunged at the pair.  It was all Dad could do to hold her back.  He quickly gained control, and everyone continued their paseo.

(Click HERE to see the ducks.  Listen to hear Spork lunge for the ducks)



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