How Did He Get that Open?

Dad came home from work and walked up the driveway.  There on the ground, right where Drewbie parks his Jeep Cherokee was a large oil spot.   Dad shook his head.  He told Drewbie to be extra careful if he was going to change oil in the driveway, but now there was a big oil spot.  Dad continued around the bins at the back of the house until he saw…

Open Can

Open Can


an open can of sesame oil.  Instantly Dad knew it was not Drewbie who had spilled oil in the driveway.  Dad continued inside.

Sure enough, the cabinet where the oil is stored was open.  The only question left was, how did the little guy get the neck off the metal can!


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2 responses to “How Did He Get that Open?”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    you ate sesame oil? I hope there were no bad aftereffects…. I can help you with the slipper… it’s either behind the bed or buried in the backyard… look for fresh mole hill like areas :o)

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