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Who’s Been Sitting in the Dishwasher?

“Drewbie!”  Dad’s voice echoed through the house.  “Drewbie!”

The response floated up the stairs to the kitchen in an exasperated tone.  “What?”

Dad called back down the stairs, “The dishwasher door is broken.  It looks like someone sat on it.”

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Doggone Cold

Mongo has a cold.  He has been sneezing, and coughing.  On top of it, he had laryngitis.

Mongo loves to talk.  When Dad or Drewbie wakes up, or if Mom-mom or Kimi comes over, Mongo talks up a storm.  He sounds like a real-life wookie as he hoots and warbles to tell everyone about his day.  This morning when Dad got up, all Mongo could do was make little squeaking noises. The look on Mongo’s face said he was very concerned.

By the time they got home from their morning walk, Mongo could talk again.  He ate well, (he is a labrador), but right after breakfast, he conked out on his bed again.  Normally, he checks on Dad throughout the day.  Today he just slept.

On any given day, Mongo pesters Dad unmercifully, the closer it gets to evening walk.   He paws Dad’s leg while Dad is working at the table.  He jiggles Dad’s elbow as he tries to type.  Or he just gives Dad’s forearm a big slurp; all to try to get Dad to take him out early for evening walk.

But today, Dad had to wake Mongo up for evening walk.  After dinner, Mongo immediately went back to sleep.  With the winter storms rolling through Seattle, Dad turned on the gas fireplace.

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Mr. Post Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Backpacker Magazine Award

Mongo is pleased to have Labrador Retrievers listed on the 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds.


Of course, they show a chocolate lab instead of a white one, because you can’t see dirt on them as easily as on a white one!

Mongo dresses up as a Huskie

Mongo dresses up as a Weimaraner

Classic – Mongo’s First Howl-o-ween

Mongo’s Howl-o-ween

Tricia had already laid in a fair supply of candy for the Trick or Treaters. What we didn’t realize was that our neighborhood is one of the ones where people drive for miles to let their kids go out for Halloween. The houses are in a suburban spacing, so the candy density is high. There is no outlet, so traffic is minimal. And many of the homeowners warmly welcome the little undercover urchins by offering full-sized bags of M&M’s or Snickers bars.

In fact in talking to our neighbor, his first question on Saturday was, “How much candy do you have?”

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Going for a Walk with Some Ducks

As Dad turned the corner out of the school yard, with his two charges in tow, he heard a duck quacking.  Puzzled by this unusual sound, he began to scan the road around him, and then he saw it.

Almost directly across from him was a momma duck and a duckling.  They were walking along the shoulder of the road, with Momma busily quacking.  Where they had come from  was not obvious to Dad, but wherever they were going, Momma seemed very determined to get there.

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We have a winner!

Drewbie came up the stairs shaking his head.

“Someone ate my mummified fruit bat!”, he exclaimed. Drewbie was holding out a rectangular empty tin box.

Dad stared at him for a moment, a look of incomprehension on his face.

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