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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Easter Buddies, Mongo and Spork.

Easter Buddies

Easter Buddies


Why is Heidi still in Lima?

It appears that Hudo is not the only member of the team who needs a little restoration work.  Apparently, Heidi is heading back to Germany for a tune up.

Hudo will go into temporary storage in Peru.  Perhaps he’ll find Butch and Sundance who are also allegedly in storage in Peru.

We wish Heidi godspeed, and hope to read more about her travels through South America soon.

Source: Why is Heidi still in Lima?

Howl-o-ween Aftermath 2015

Cleaning up after Mongo’s Halloween was not as easy as Dad had first expected.  Mongo likes baths so that wasn’t the problem.  Actually, Mongo is not that crayzy about the bath part, but he likes getting toweled off after baths, so he tolerates the bath part.

However, it took two shampoos to get the black hair paint off of Mongo.  Interestingly, the area where he accidentally got hair sprayed took extra scrubbing beyond the two shampoos to come clean.  That hairspray was resilient stuff; certainly more than a match for Seattle’s wintry weather!

When Mongo was all cleaned up, the hair-paint  left a ring around the tub that Dr. Seuss would have been proud of.

Bath tub ring worthy of Cat in the Hat

Bath tub ring worthy of Cat in the Hat

Howl-o-ween 2015

It was a dark and stormy night in Seattle…  So not very many trick-or-treater’s came by Mom-mom’s house for candy, even though she had bought the giant economy size box.   And the lack of visitors was a shame because Mongo was wearing a very exciting Halloween costume.  After trying on several different costumes, like a dragon or a soccer player, Dad decided that a cloth costume was not going to work.  Poor Mongo tripped on the soccer jersey sleeves, and looked very unhappy.  And the dragon head flopped over Mongo’s head, making it very hard for him to see, so he bumped into walls and furniture.

So Dad got on the internet and found the things he would need to make a really cool costume for Mongo.

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Mongo’s Christmas Spirit

Mongo loved snow. Dad had not taken him to the snow lately. In fact Dad had not been around much lately. Dad had left Mongo at Mom-Mom’s for a week now. Mongo knew that Dad was very busy with something. He had been re-arranging the entire house. Nothing was sacred in Dad’s frenzy to put everything in the house into cardboard boxes. Mongo found it all very stressful to have the entire house disappearing into cardboard boxes. On the positive side, Mongo liked cardboard boxes and he ate parts of five different boxes Dad had brought home to put the household into. When Dad saw the boxes with corners eaten out of each one, his face sank.

“Buddy? Did you have eat part of each one? Couldn’t you just eat all of just one?” Dad slid out of the door dejectedly and came back with another bundle of new boxes. And that’s when he had bundled Mongo up and driven him to Mom-Mom’s house.

Still, Mongo knew that Dad would not leave him there forever. In fact, he was sure Dad would be back by Christmas. And when Dad came back to get him for Christmas, Mongo would be showing his best Christmas Spirit.