Howl-o-ween 2015

It was a dark and stormy night in Seattle…  So not very many trick-or-treater’s came by Mom-mom’s house for candy, even though she had bought the giant economy size box.   And the lack of visitors was a shame because Mongo was wearing a very exciting Halloween costume.  After trying on several different costumes, like a dragon or a soccer player, Dad decided that a cloth costume was not going to work.  Poor Mongo tripped on the soccer jersey sleeves, and looked very unhappy.  And the dragon head flopped over Mongo’s head, making it very hard for him to see, so he bumped into walls and furniture.

So Dad got on the internet and found the things he would need to make a really cool costume for Mongo.

Mom-mom agreed to do the hair painting with non-toxic hair color paint.  They had to be careful not to let on to Mongo that tigers are cats.  Even Mongo has some pride.

Mom-mom and Dad stepped outside to paint Mongo.  Dad held the template.  Mom-mom started spraying the far side of Mongo.

“What color did you get”, Mom-mom asked Dad.  “This isn’t showing up!”

“Black”, answered Dad definitively.  “What did they send me?  I was sure it was black spray when I looked in the box.”  Dad looked over the top of Mongo’s back to see what color was coming out.  Sure enough, it was clear.  Dad’s heart fell into his stomach.  He had been looking forward to making Mongo into a tiger for weeks.  Now it appeared that he would have to wait another year.

Mom-mom looked at Dad’s disappointed face.  “Wait a minute”, she cautioned.  “I don’t have my glasses on.  I may have grabbed the wrong can.” Mom-mom hurried back into the house.  “Here it is”, she said smiling as she back out through the door.  “I grabbed the wrong can.  That was hairspray.”  Dad touched the spot on Mongo’s side.  It was tacky; definitely hair spray

Kimi stuck her head out through the door and laughed.  “Tresseme, eh buddy?  Well, now you have a bit of the ‘London Look’!”  She popped back inside to continue to get ready for her party in Bellingham.  Another lesson re-learned by Mom-mom and Dad on the road of life, always keep your reading glasses handy.  Particularly when choosing a tube of toothpaste, and when painting your dog.

Mom-mom shot a black jet of hair paint onto the template she made for Mongo.  She sprayed the entire surface of the template.  Then Dad moved the template back a bit.  Mom-mom sprayed another set of stripes.   Then they stepped back to admire their work.

“I think he needs a stripe or two on his head”, said Mom-mom.  Then they touched up his head.  When they removed the stencil, Dad popped on Mongo’s tiger ears. Mongo was now ready for Howl-o-ween.  It was 6 o’clock, and all that was left to do was to wash all the black spay off of Dad’s hands, and wait for the little ones to come by and be amazed.

The first of the three pairs of trick-or-treaters came by shortly afterward. The older sister exclaimed, “Ooh! He’s so pretty!”

When the second pair arrived, Spork went ballistic at the door, so they were a little too shell shocked to comment.  They literally ran back out to the street.  Dad had to follow them to the sidewalk throwing candy after them.   Spork spent the rest of the night in the bedroom behind locked doors.

The last pair came to the door just after 8 o’clock, Dad encouraged them to “take a handful or two!”  Dad was starting to realize there would be tons of candy leftover.

The big sister grabbed two handfuls, and turned from the door.  The little brother grabbed two handfuls and stopped to look at Mongo.   Dad was waiting for the inevitable praise of Mongo’s very stylish costume.  The little man looked up and asked, “Did you paint your dog?”

“Sure did”, smiled Dad proudly.

“Why”, asked the little man.

Dad stood stunned for a moment.  “To look like a ferocious tiger”, he answered hesitantly.  Dad was not sure where this was going.

The youngster  shook his little blonde head slowly at Dad in apparent disbelief and replied flatly, “Oh.”  He then stuffed his candy in his bag and wandered back out to the street.

Dad took Mongo inside, and reassured Mongo, and maybe himself.  “Not to worry buddy.  You look like a ferocious tiger to me!”

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2 responses to “Howl-o-ween 2015”

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Wow. Some kids have no imagination! Roar, Mongo, roar like a tiger!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    That is sad the little guy didn’t appreciate Dad’s efforts to transform Mongo into a ferocious beast. Now, had you dressed him like a… gesh, I don’t even know what the kids are into these days. .. Power Rangers? (Did I just date myself?)
    Mongo, you’re an adorable tiger!

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