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Twilight at Lincoln Park

With the long days of summer gone, there are more and more lights on around the Sound.  As the days have grown shorter, Dad and Mono’s trips to their favorite park have closer and closer to starting in twilight.  Before too long they’ll need a headlamp to go on their walks.  But at this time of year, on a warm Indian Summer night, the Puget Sound area can be a beautiful place to take a walk.

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Lincoln Park

Seattle’s Lincoln Park is relatively close by Dad’s house.  So it is an easy drive to take Mongo there in the evenings after work.  Mongo enjoys it because there are new and exciting smells, and Dad enjoys the scenery. Read More…

Mongo has fun in the city

Mongo went to Downtown Seattle and West Seattle today.  He and Dad walked from Pioneer Square all the way to Public Market and back.  Pioneer Pet Feed and Supply was closed. Sad Mongo….  But the Waterfall Park was open, and if you are quick on your feet, and your Dad is not paying attention, you can take a quick swim in the pond, before Dad can get a handle on you.


Then Dad will take you to Lincoln Park to dry off.

Mongo at Lincoln Park

Mongo at Lincoln Park

View of the Sound

View of the Sound