Twilight at Lincoln Park

With the long days of summer gone, there are more and more lights on around the Sound.  As the days have grown shorter, Dad and Mono’s trips to their favorite park have closer and closer to starting in twilight.  Before too long they’ll need a headlamp to go on their walks.  But at this time of year, on a warm Indian Summer night, the Puget Sound area can be a beautiful place to take a walk.

On this evening Dad and Mongo made the loop around Lincoln park.  They watched the Vashon Island ferry come and go from the pier.  And they met a pseudo-Meggie.  Mongo was intrigued.  This dog looked like his buddy, but didn’t smell like her.

Dad finally had to pull him away so they could continue their walk.

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3 responses to “Twilight at Lincoln Park”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    that’s the bestest time… efurrything gets a magic touch and it looks special as if it holds a surprise for you :O)

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    We no longer have any light for our evening walks with the time change – we’re definitely rocking the lights and reflective vests these days.

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