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Mongo Knows Fun

Mongo knows fun.  In fact, he is practically an expert in fun.  So when Dad had to go to Atlanta for a month, Mongo decided to make his own fun.  The first thing he decided to do was TP the house.  Mongo knows, there are few things as fun as stringing paper through Drewbie’s bedroom!

Finishing Up the Season on a High Note

Mongo and Dad went up to the Cooke Canyon Hunt Club to finish the pheasant hunting season.  Mongo and Dad had enjoyed a fiarly good hunting season.  They had limited out on ducks in January, and while their pheasant hunts on public lands had been less than stellar ( i.e. zero birds), they had done well at their previous hunt at Cooke Canyon.  However, today was another day.

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You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…

You reach into the couch cushion to see what’s poking you in the back, and instead of finding loose change or an old potato chip,  you find this;


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Glowing White?

It was mid-winter.  The time of year in the Pacific Northwest when the days are very short.  It was dark when Dad took Mongo out for morning walks, and dark when he took him out for evening walks.

On one of these short dark days, Mongo found the door to the pantry slightly ajar.  For Mongo, this is always an open invitation for noshing.  The first thing to catch his interest that day was a five pound bag of rice.

Eating five pounds of rice actually takes longer than one might think.  It is a lot of rice, even for Mongo.  It turned out to be a whole day affair.

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Mongo and the Towel

Mongo has taken to carrying around a towel.  There can only be one explanation…

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Easter Buddies, Mongo and Spork.

Easter Buddies

Easter Buddies


More Wicked Weather in Seattle

A vicious storm rolled through Mongo’s home town again this past weekend leaving one fatality.  One person was killed when their car was struck by a falling tree.  On Sunday (3/13) ,the National Weather Service tweeted, “Storm looks like a hurricane! The central pressure is deeper than expected, 978 mb.”  The tweet included a picture of the swirling storm offshore from Olympic National Park.  Back in West Seattle, 70 MPH + gusts were toppling trees all over town.

Mongo refused to go outside alone.  Dad stood at the back door with him and the watched the tall firs on the side of the house swaying dangerously in his direction.  As they stood there transfixed at the back door, they hear a loud thump in the front of the house.  Surprised by the sound, Mongo let loose one of his low rumble barks.  Dad and Mongo walked out to the front yard and saw a large limb had bounced off their roof.  There didn’t seem to be any damage, but they didn’t spend much time outside looking at it.  A branch like that could cause some serous damage if it caught the boys outside.

West Seattle

West Seattle

They went back inside where it was safe (relatively) and warm.  Mongo curled up by the fireplace.