Finishing Up the Season on a High Note

Mongo and Dad went up to the Cooke Canyon Hunt Club to finish the pheasant hunting season.  Mongo and Dad had enjoyed a fiarly good hunting season.  They had limited out on ducks in January, and while their pheasant hunts on public lands had been less than stellar ( i.e. zero birds), they had done well at their previous hunt at Cooke Canyon.  However, today was another day.

Alice at Cooke Canyon is always a pleasure to work with, as is her husband, Doug.  Mongo loves going to Ellensburg.  He starts to get excited as soon as the truck passes Cle Elum on I-90.

Coming into Cle Elum

Coming into Cle Elum

Mongo finished this hunt in style.  Dad was a little worried about the weather.  There was a stiff wind blowing across the fields, and last year on the same hunt with similar winds, he and Mongo had not faired well.  However, with a tip from Alex the guide, Mongo found six  of the five birds in the field, and was a very happy fellow at the end of the day.

End of a Busy Day

End of a Busy Day

Dad was a little worried about the state of Mongo’s back, as it had been bothering him of late.  However, losing 10 pounds, and going to acupuncture seemed to have helped the little fellow, as he was just a little slow getting up the next morning.  Dad figured, another five pounds, and some more light exercise, and Mongo would be back to his old bouncy self.

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2 responses to “Finishing Up the Season on a High Note”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    Congrats, that was a good day! I hope your back is better soon Mongo… hugs to you

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    Looks like a great (and tasty!) day!

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