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On the Horns of a Dilemma

During apple season, Mongo is always on the lookout for fallen apples.  Despite the fact that he has been stung on multiple occasions by yellow jackets hiding in the apples, he continues to scoop them up if he comes across a tasty one.

This morning, Mongo had scored another apple from a tree near the house.  He carried it back and then into the kitchen.

Dad looked at him and asked, “Do you want to EAT?”  EAT being one of Mongo;s favorite words, he opened his mouth, dropped the apple, and did a happy dance around the kitchen.

Dad prepared his kibbles and green beans, and placed the bowl on the floor. Mongo scarfed it up with his usual gusto.  Then he appeared puzzled for a moment as he surveyed the kitchen.  When he saw the apple, he sauntered over and scooped it up again.

Now Mongo knows apples are outside food.  So he stood there in the kitchen with the apple in his mouth, looking at Dad expectantly.  He was waiting for Dad to give the command “OUTSIDE”.  Instead Dad threw him a curve ball.

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Gateway Paper Products

Kimi came down from the mountain to spend the weekend in Seattle.  She and Dad had big plans to go see the Flying Heritage Collection.  This Saturday was the first annual SkyFair.

Dad came down from upstairs and met Kimi with a very concerned look on his face.

“I was afraid of this”, he intoned seriously.

“Afraid of what”, asked Kimi.

“Look at this”, Dad continued as he held out his hand.  In it was a wad of wet chewed paper towels.  “TP was just a gateway paper product.  Mongo has now moved up to paper towels!”

Dad swept his forearm to his forehead in mock travesty.

Kimi smiled, and added, “Don’t worry Dad. Perhaps you could get him to go to a papyrus anonymous meeting.”