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Finishing Up the Season on a High Note

Mongo and Dad went up to the Cooke Canyon Hunt Club to finish the pheasant hunting season.  Mongo and Dad had enjoyed a fiarly good hunting season.  They had limited out on ducks in January, and while their pheasant hunts on public lands had been less than stellar ( i.e. zero birds), they had done well at their previous hunt at Cooke Canyon.  However, today was another day.

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Wounded Warrior Project

Mongo and Dad headed out to Ellensburg on the 4th of March of this year to again work with the Wounded Warrior Project.   Wounded Warrior Project’s vision is: “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.”

Mongo and Dad enjoy their work with the veterans. This is an opportunity for some veterans to engage in a sport they already enjoy, and for others to learn a new skill. The veterans are all fine young Americans. Some are still in the service. Others have left the service.  Some have lingering injuries from their time in the military.  Others needed some assistance with the shotgun, and still others needed help with mobility, but all showed great spirit, drive, and determination to make the day a success.


The Ellensburg Alps

The Ellensburg Alps

As Dad and Mongo exited the highway, the morning sum was crisp and clean. Dad could see the Cascades north of town as he drove up Main street.    Read More…