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Mongo and the Towel

Mongo has taken to carrying around a towel.  There can only be one explanation…

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Pipe Creek Skiing

Dad was fail once again.  Not that “fail” is all that foreign a concept to Dad.  Dad is definitely not afraid to “fail”.  Dad’s theory on “fail” is similar to Thomas Edison’s thoughts on life, if you try enough times, the successes will outweigh the failures. So Dad soldiers on, knowing that good things will come in the end.

This time Dad’s “fail” had been showing up a few seconds too late to buy his Snow Pass.  To use the Snow Parks in Washington state, one has to buy a Snow Pass.  Dad had decided to take Mongo cross country skiing on Saturday at the last minute.  Now he had waited just a smidgen too long to get in line for the snow pass, and there was a tourist had jumped in front of him, asking how to go hiking in the snow.  On a weekend morning, every second counts on the way to the mountains, because multitudes of other outdoors people are heading there also.

The ranger was trying to answer the man’s question of hiking in the snow. but apparently the tourist’s English was a bit limited in the realm of the winter sports vocabulary, and the very idea of snow shoes was completely foreign to him.   This was causing the ranger to have a difficult time conveying the concept across the cultural divide.

There was nothing else to do but wait.  Dad had just seen the new Star Wars movie the night before at Cinerama, so he engaged in some Jedi calming routines while he waited.  But despite his best efforts with the force, his right foot was still tapping.

The ranger’s descriptions of snow shoes grew to include big sweeping elliptical arm movements.  Their conversations was starting to look like a very awkward ballet, that might go on forever.

Eventually, the winter tourist departed in the general direction of REI’s rental counter, but by this time, Dad figured his chances of getting to a nearby snow park and back before dark were shot.  He approached the counter.

“I’d like a Snow Pass”, he droned to the ranger.

“For today”, asked the ranger.  “You know, they’re only good for one day, and it’s kinda late to get started for today.”, he added cautiously.

“No.  Tomorrow will be fine”, moaned Dad.

“Okey dokey.  We’ll fix you right up”, chirped the ranger.

Dad took his snow pass and headed home.


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Backpacker Magazine Award

Mongo is pleased to have Labrador Retrievers listed on the 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds.


Of course, they show a chocolate lab instead of a white one, because you can’t see dirt on them as easily as on a white one!

Mongo dresses up as a Huskie

Mongo dresses up as a Weimaraner

Clowning Around

When it comes to food, Mongo has  no pride.

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Mongo and His Toys

Mongo is a lab.  In fact, he is a 5 year old boy lab.  And he acts like it.  He loves critters, and mud, and getting dirty, and romping in the school yard as much as any other five year old.

All of our previous dogs have been golden retrievers.  They were good family dogs; very reliable, and very family oriented.  However, for the most part they have not had much interest in having fun for the sake of fun.  Mongo is the epitome of fun.  Read More…

Madmen and English Dogs

Mongo likes running around with Dad.  They like to chase soccer balls around the field, but they need a third player to help keep Mongo from hogging the ball, because once he gets his teeth into it, it’s a goner.

So when it’s just the two boys, Dad will take Mongo road running.  Dad likes to take him to Lincoln Park, as evidenced by all the posts centered on that location.  But when that’s not convenient, they will just tool around the neighborhood.

To make sure they stay engaged in their fitness program, they need to have goals.  Dad’s goal is to run in pet-friendly roads races.  Mongo’s goal is to eat more treats (ALWAYS).

This year, Dad found a race that met both their objectives, the Seattle Magazine Brunch Run.  This event combined a 5K at Magnuson Park with an after-event brunch.  The organizers’ motto is “Bloody Marys taste better after 3.1 miles.”  According to the advertising, there would be all kinds of festivities and lots of families at the event.  And where there are families, there are small children.  And where there is small children and food, there are lots of TREATS that fall to the ground.  Racing and food.  What could be better for the team?

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Late Christmas Presents

Mongo’s Aunt Michy was running a little late for Christmas this year. He just got his “Slingshot Duck”, which he greatly enjoys. Aunt Michy included a note to explain why we all received gifts so late this year.
“[Sorry the gifts are so late this year.} Next year, it’s gift cards for every body.


I’m still in the process of straightening everything out. So far, my friend’s 15 year old son got a Crayola set, Bill’s mom got a glow-in-the-dark toy football, and his brother’s 2 year old grandson, Konner, received a heavy duty LED flashlight with a magnetic end. I can’t get the last one back. Even though he could barely lift it, Konner had a blast blinding himself and thought it was hysterical that he was mysteriously drawn to large metal objects. His grandmother spent the better part of the day detaching him from the refrigerator.


I’ve unwrapped some of the leftover gifts and did come across a few little things that had been destined for Washington. I’m fairly certain the primary gifts for all of you are on their way. BUT, should someone out there receive a plastic Disney “Frozen” tiara, well… I hope it looks nice on them.



Aunt Michy”