Late Christmas Presents

Mongo’s Aunt Michy was running a little late for Christmas this year. He just got his “Slingshot Duck”, which he greatly enjoys. Aunt Michy included a note to explain why we all received gifts so late this year.
“[Sorry the gifts are so late this year.} Next year, it’s gift cards for every body.


I’m still in the process of straightening everything out. So far, my friend’s 15 year old son got a Crayola set, Bill’s mom got a glow-in-the-dark toy football, and his brother’s 2 year old grandson, Konner, received a heavy duty LED flashlight with a magnetic end. I can’t get the last one back. Even though he could barely lift it, Konner had a blast blinding himself and thought it was hysterical that he was mysteriously drawn to large metal objects. His grandmother spent the better part of the day detaching him from the refrigerator.


I’ve unwrapped some of the leftover gifts and did come across a few little things that had been destined for Washington. I’m fairly certain the primary gifts for all of you are on their way. BUT, should someone out there receive a plastic Disney “Frozen” tiara, well… I hope it looks nice on them.



Aunt Michy”


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