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Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo’s House

Here’s the menu for Thanksgiving dinner in Mongo’s house this year.  Most of it is not “Mongo Friendly” for one or more reasons, so he did not get to partake in most of it, except for some turkey.  (and a little bacon, and maybe just a bit of cheese, and perhaps just a smidgen of pie crust, and of course just a dab of whipped cream.)

Crackers & soft cheese/ proscuitto & rosemary grissini/ nuts
served with prosecco

Bacon-wrapped/cheese-stuffed dates
served with prosecco

Wild mushroom mini-tarts (Fall is chanterelle season in Washington)
served with sauvignon blanc

Wild mushroom & barley soup (more chanterelles)
served with sauvignon blanc

Turkey and the fixins
served with chardonnay

Mixed greens

Dolce et Cafe
Pumpkin pie or tiramisu

Mongo did get a plate of whipped cream for dessert.  He loves to hear the sound of the can.  It brings him running faster than any dog whistle.








Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Mongo!


Happy Thanksgiving

Mongo got his notification from the vet that his vaccinations were due. Clearly the vet knows Mongo well. They aimed right for Mongo’s marketing weak spot.

Now Mongo has been counter-surfing in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. Dad on the other hand has been cooking. When Dad came down in the morning he found the bag of vegetable scraps from the night before was ripped open and spread out on the kitchen floor. Lying around the bag were just a few bits of pumpkin peel which were supposed to have gone out to the food and yard waste bin. The night before, there had been all manner of pumpkin goop, seeds, and scraps in the bag. Instead of Dad carrying those scraps out for mulching, it appeared that those scraps had been recycled via Mr. Mongo’s digestive tract. But that morning, there was no proof in the “pudding”.

Pumpkin- Notice the bright orange color

Pumpkin- Notice the bright orange color

However, the next morning, when Dad went out to poop scoop up the back yard, the proof of the fate of the pumpkin scraps was evident. Fortunately, everything passed through cleanly. In fact the pumpkin scraps were still bright orange. Happy Thanksgiving from Mongo!