Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo’s House

Here’s the menu for Thanksgiving dinner in Mongo’s house this year.  Most of it is not “Mongo Friendly” for one or more reasons, so he did not get to partake in most of it, except for some turkey.  (and a little bacon, and maybe just a bit of cheese, and perhaps just a smidgen of pie crust, and of course just a dab of whipped cream.)

Crackers & soft cheese/ proscuitto & rosemary grissini/ nuts
served with prosecco

Bacon-wrapped/cheese-stuffed dates
served with prosecco

Wild mushroom mini-tarts (Fall is chanterelle season in Washington)
served with sauvignon blanc

Wild mushroom & barley soup (more chanterelles)
served with sauvignon blanc

Turkey and the fixins
served with chardonnay

Mixed greens

Dolce et Cafe
Pumpkin pie or tiramisu

Mongo did get a plate of whipped cream for dessert.  He loves to hear the sound of the can.  It brings him running faster than any dog whistle.








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3 responses to “Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo’s House”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Mmmmm. Can you post the recipe for the Apertivo? It sounds like a real wacky taste combo. .. but if there’s cheese on it, I’ll eat anything!
    My boys are scared of the monster in the whipped cream can. So more for mommy!

    • hdemare says :

      Sure. Set oven to 350.
      To make a dozen, start with 12 pitted dates. Find the split line, or make one length wise. Fill the dates with mild goat cheese, and close them back up.

      Microwave 6 strips of bacon between paper towels until the strips start to pucker up. This lessens the baking time and removes a lot of the grease. Use very thin sliced bacon, vs thick.

      When bacon cools enough to touch, cut each strip in half, so you have 12 shorter strips.

      Wrap each stuffed date in one of the twelve strips. Secure with toothpick if necessary.

      Wrap all twelve dates in an aluminum foil package and bake for twenty minutes or so until bacon looks done.

      Serve when ready.

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