Can Do Attitude

Mr. Mongo is known for his amazing abilities to open things.  He has opened molasses jars, tomato sauce jars, a metal sesame oil can, among other things.  When it comes to food, no thumbs is no obstacle.

But when Dad went to South Africa again, Mongo had an anxiety attack.  And when Mongo is anxious, Mongo eats.  The problem was that Mom-mom didn’t leave any food just lying around.  Dad can usually be counted on the leave something lying on the counter, whether it is a box of cookies, or just an avocado.  (Mongo LOVES avocados.)  Mom-mom is just too neat.

Working out how to steal a tomato or avocado off the counter usually occupies Mongo enough to take his mind off his separation anxiety when Dad has to go on the road.  With no easily accessible food at Mom-mom’s house, he had to work at getting something to nosh on.  Of course the more work, the more he eats.  And the more he eats, the less he worries.

And this time he had eight times less worry.  Mom-mom did not think he would open the special cans of tasty dog food she keeps in the kitchen for her little dog, Spork, but he did.

He managed to open and eat most of the contents from eight cans of dog food.  Got cans?  Can do!  With such determination, we all have to be glad that he has no interest in ruling the world!

Fortunately, the local vet has late office hours and Mom-mom did not need to take him to the 24 hour emergency vet.  That saved them a little money on X-rays.  The vet pronounced that there was nothing unusual in Mongo’s tummy (a little loose change, typically accompanied by some pebbles.)

Eight Empty Cans of Food

Eight Empty Cans of Food

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One response to “Can Do Attitude”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    omg… you can open cans? you are a genius… please show me that trick… I don’t want to wait till the mama opens me one…
    glad your all you can eat party ended well and the vet had good news for you…I worried a little as I read about the 8 cans…

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