Mongo and Puppy

While Dad has been gone, mom-mom has been taking care of Mongo; and this means taking care of Puppy also.  Taking care of a dog who has favorite toys like Puppy adds an additional challenge.

Like most other toddlers, Mongo is very fond of his favorite toys, like Puppy and Bunny.  And like a toddler, he drops them wherever he is if something more interesting catches his attention.  So, it falls to whomever is accompanying Mongo to scoop Puppy up (and occasionally throw him in the washer) before he gets lost.

While Dad has been in South Africa, Mongo has been spending a lot of time with Puppy.  And Mom-mom has been graciously looking after both of them.

Therefore, Mongo and Dad wish to express their thanks to Mom-mom for being so diligent with both Mongo and Puppy.

Five Years of Mongo, Puppy and Bunny.

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One response to “Mongo and Puppy”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    happy 5-year-o-versary mongo&puppy. it’s nice that your mom-mom was there for you both while your daddy was away :o)

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