Which Way to Go?

Mongo and Dad were walking in the park. .  The sun had yet to peek over the horizon.  The air was cool, moist, and still.  The birds were still frantically engaged in a pre-dawn chirp fest.

“C’mon buddy, lets go home.  You wanna eat?” asked Dad?  At the mention of the word “eat”, all of Mongo’s attentions shifted to Dad.

Then a bird whistled in the trees.  It was not a typical bird chirp, but was almost like a human whistle, the type one might use to call a dog.  “Fweep!”

Mongo’s attention immediately shifted to the whistle.  His head swiveled 90 degrees on his neck.

“Hey Buddy”, Dad said to get Mr. M’s attention back.  Mongo swung his massive head back to look at Dad and took a couple of steps towards the house.

“Fweep!”  Mongo froze in place and swung his head towards the woods again.

“This way Buddy-boy.”




With a small click, Dad hooked Mongo back up to the leash.  “C’mon Buddy, this could last all day.”


Mongo looked longingly back at the park, as if wondering who the mysterious whistler was, before Dad said, “Let’s go get something to eat.”

Mongo swing into a lope next to Dad.  Mongo loves the word “eat”.


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