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An Apple a Day…

Mongo has had his issues with apples.  Last fall he learned that it is not always safe to pick apples up from the ground, since one can never be sure if a mean-spirited critter, like a yellow jacket, has taken up residence in the apple, and might object to becoming part of Mongo’s snack.  But in the interest of continuing education…

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Not the Sharpest Tool…

Mongo is very bright when food is involved.  He can open jars.  He can snatch food off the table without moving the plate.  He can even push open stuck (but not closed) doors if it suits his purpose.  But one morning this week, Dad turned around to see Mongo stuck on a rope in the local park.  Mongo was quite at a loss as to how to get off the rope.  Dad shook his head.

“Buddy, I can’t see you lasting very long in the wild.”

Lincoln Park

Seattle’s Lincoln Park is relatively close by Dad’s house.  So it is an easy drive to take Mongo there in the evenings after work.  Mongo enjoys it because there are new and exciting smells, and Dad enjoys the scenery. Read More…

Pipe Creek Skiing

Dad was fail once again.  Not that “fail” is all that foreign a concept to Dad.  Dad is definitely not afraid to “fail”.  Dad’s theory on “fail” is similar to Thomas Edison’s thoughts on life, if you try enough times, the successes will outweigh the failures. So Dad soldiers on, knowing that good things will come in the end.

This time Dad’s “fail” had been showing up a few seconds too late to buy his Snow Pass.  To use the Snow Parks in Washington state, one has to buy a Snow Pass.  Dad had decided to take Mongo cross country skiing on Saturday at the last minute.  Now he had waited just a smidgen too long to get in line for the snow pass, and there was a tourist had jumped in front of him, asking how to go hiking in the snow.  On a weekend morning, every second counts on the way to the mountains, because multitudes of other outdoors people are heading there also.

The ranger was trying to answer the man’s question of hiking in the snow. but apparently the tourist’s English was a bit limited in the realm of the winter sports vocabulary, and the very idea of snow shoes was completely foreign to him.   This was causing the ranger to have a difficult time conveying the concept across the cultural divide.

There was nothing else to do but wait.  Dad had just seen the new Star Wars movie the night before at Cinerama, so he engaged in some Jedi calming routines while he waited.  But despite his best efforts with the force, his right foot was still tapping.

The ranger’s descriptions of snow shoes grew to include big sweeping elliptical arm movements.  Their conversations was starting to look like a very awkward ballet, that might go on forever.

Eventually, the winter tourist departed in the general direction of REI’s rental counter, but by this time, Dad figured his chances of getting to a nearby snow park and back before dark were shot.  He approached the counter.

“I’d like a Snow Pass”, he droned to the ranger.

“For today”, asked the ranger.  “You know, they’re only good for one day, and it’s kinda late to get started for today.”, he added cautiously.

“No.  Tomorrow will be fine”, moaned Dad.

“Okey dokey.  We’ll fix you right up”, chirped the ranger.

Dad took his snow pass and headed home.


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Post-Bath Trauma

Mongo and Dad had just finished their respective  bath and shower.  It had been an exciting, and muddy day at the dog park (Click HERE to read about the Wild Weather at the dog park.) Mongo was exhausted.  Dad was trundling down the stairs to the washing machine with an arm load of wet towels, when he glimpsed something from the corner of his eye.  He stopped for a better look and then bellowed up to Mongo.

“I spent two hours washing  those walls!”

I just washed that wall!

Formerly-Clean Wall

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Wild Seattle Weather

Seattle is not known for wild extremes of weather.  In Oklahoma, Dad had seen the weather change from sunny and 80°F at 2:00 pm, only to  become a blizzard by 9:00 pm.  In Oklahoma, they say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”, and it is true.  In Seattle, it is more like, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute… and it will still be drizzling.”

This last weekend was an exception.  A line of squalls had been forecast to roll through Seattle, and with them came the hope for some meteorological excitement.  And on Sunday, the promise was fulfilled.

Dad and Mongo, however, had left the house blissfully unaware of the weather forecast.  All Dad had noticed was that the sun was for a few minutes, and it seemed like to a good time to take Mongo out for a romp.  Mongo was up for anything.  Dad was happily clueless.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Dad had been traveling quite a bit after the start of the New Year.  He was gone so much that Mongo  and Drewbie started to notice the absence of his jovial presence in their everyday routine.  However, Dad did manage to zip home for a quick weekend in Seattle, and Mongo made no bones about his expectations. Read More…