Day After Snow Day

The day after the snow, Dad and Mongo went in to West Seattle.  It was cold and rainy.  Dad was wrapped up in his ski jacket and waterproof boots.  But as Dad was disembarking from the transport and heading through the parking lot, lo’ and behold, he saw a true NorthWest Holiday Tradition; the classic NorthWesterner in shorts and sandals in the midst of a winter squall.

Shorts Dude

Shorts Dude

Here was  a real “year-round shorts dude”, not just the Pemco stereotype of “year round shorts dude”. <Click HERE to learn more about Pemco Year-Round Shorts Dude.>  Seeing the Shorts Dude filled Dad with the spirit of the holidays.  He chuckled all the way into the Next to Nature store.

Dad  finished his shopping and then he and Mongo went to the big park. It was almost dark, but both neither of them were concerned with the ambient light. After a fun walk in the cold rainy dark, they headed back home.

Snow in the Park

Snow in the Park

Mongo was exhausted from the big walk and fell fast asleep on the couch.

Sleeping Doggy

Sleeping Doggy

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