Hudo Decides to Linger a while in Wilmington NC

Heidi had been enjoying her trip down the East Coast of the US.  As one might expect from an octagenarian on an around-the-world-voyage, Hudo has had some issues. In Wilmington NC, Hudo has experienced technical difficulties.  We have found a re-enactment of the event on youtube. (Click HERE to see the 9 second clip.)  Though the preliminary diagnosis was a thrown rod, upon disassembly it appears that Hudo re-ingested a piston ring.  According to the instagram posts, parts are on the way from California.  (Note: Some inaccuracies in the above summary may be due to my poor skills at translating German.)  We wish Heidi and Hudo a speedy recovery from this delay, and all the best on the rest of their journey.



See Heidi’s site for up to the minute information.

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2 responses to “Hudo Decides to Linger a while in Wilmington NC”

  1. hdemare says :

    Additional photos of the damage confirm that it was a piston ring failure.

  2. hdemare says :

    Hudo has a new piston in his block.

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